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Eight Hour Redemption

Eight Hour Redemption         The gruesome news had spread at fever pitch. A known asteroid (ES52145), roughly the size of our moon, had unexpectedly shifted orbit and was on a direct collision course with Earth. NASA, and other government space agencies, were unable to confirm due to catastrophic system failures. In fact, only a few reputable news sources remained online and they confirmed and predicted that, within a brief eight hour’s time, Earth would be rendered to fiery rubble.       Chaos ensued worldwide. All flights were canceled. Cars were abandoned on roads and their occupants hastened along sidewalks, wailing. Strangers embraced. People were intimate in alleyways and parked vehicles. Desperate calls to loved ones rarely connected due to system overload. Yet, despite the impending apocalypse, the vast Texas sky was a vivid baby-blue.     In Wimberly, Texas, Luis and Lynn, having recently filed for an amicable divorce after forty-five years of marriage, consigned to