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A Girl Named Nostalgia (Short Story)

    I can’t tell you whether or not she actually existed. I suppose it doesn’t matter either way. What I can tell you is that all the space before I met her is filled with irrelevance. Allow me, if you will, to share this magnificent story of how she changed my life.     I found myself, one early afternoon, in the forgotten Mexican town of Canutillo, on the banks of the Rio Grande and just West of El Paso, Texas. It was my yearly pilgrimage - a promise I had made to myself to honor my best friend who had thrown himself into these very same waters, five years ago. He claimed to have relinquished his soul to a beautiful Mexican girl outside of Mexico City and stated he had no purpose in living without a soul - a statement I found to be ridiculous at the time. He flung himself into the fervent river, right from this very bank and at a time when the river was almost overflowing with water for the surrounding farmland canals.     I digress. Being the hopeless romantic that I