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As Dawn Breaks

As dawn breaks, in unison with this heart Little sounds of you dribble down the gallery Like pebbles in the stream behind - into my room As an artist to canvas, in my thoughts, I paint - Your breast heaving in long, abysmal sighs of content In cavernous snores of ignorance and bliss And I - but a wayward ghost in our home Haunting the very same cracks and crevices Of which we once played, kissed and cooed Oh, these days of torrid hades How I tame them in gelid pools of promise Half-hoping to decline into their depths Oh, Ella, with toy in mouth - eyes of innocence How I envy you of whom slumbers at her feet The same of which once danced with mine Go now, sweet one - fetch me her dreams That spill like vast blankets of adoration for life So that I may become what she dreams me to be -Esteban Luis Soto for TLG