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Of The Same Blood And Shame

This goblin slumbers On bedrocks of life, eats Ravenously fruits of joy, How calmly it bathes in Torrents of despair Plucks feathers of flight. This creature blinds Sight to they who Gaze on with purity... Longing of more. It weaves want of fidelity Into webs of deceit. This gargoyle calls on Ears sensitive to its name, Whispering a wolves tale, It cradles and kills For the sake of my name! Be damned! Pray, be damned! Yet how do I poison he of The same blood and shame? Purge him through slits and slices? Or shall I embrace this symbiosis? For, you see, this dreaded enemy... Is the same that is my ally. Esteban Luis Soto (c) 2011