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Twin Dragons of The Waxing Moon

This repeat has multiplied My fear of want of you I wary of eyes that Melt and cut this solid Core, as if set in water "Kiss me right," you say but, My muse, how do I kiss such Brilliance without burn? How am I to not fall into the Depths of you without escape?! Truth be told, I shy of flight now Nor is it my choice to make, for... Our palms fit as if gardens bloom Between. Our limbs as if vines Entwined. Our stares...mosaic Yet this distance, ever persistent Writing notes on the waxing moon Bathing, both, in that same light That shone this path to you... That will converge our paths again Esteban Luis Soto

One Dollar Beer Sundays

I drink as if to flood This inner-city of self war As if my pockets have no end I intend to bend...reality to A shape more crooked than this And these strangers, how they laugh As if ignorant of mortality "Excuse me, sir, care to trade a few beers for a packet of laughs? Or lend a step in your shoes?" They're not to blame, not to blame No more than the higher being Yet I seethe, hiss and spit Breathe, smirk and wink Release a five from my fist... "Two beers for me. One for him and a packet of laughs to go." Esteban Luis Soto (c) 2011