Youth Envy*

Plump and flourescent skin
And eyes with bottomless wells of life
Scan this world without regret

Supple hearts that swell
With charcoal-filtered love
Strike strong against virgin chests

Ernest ears that hear only
Poetry and peace, perk to
The direction of their mothers whisper

Soft and stretching bones
Filled with sparkling marrow
Hold you proud against these winds of change

And now this vicious cycle...
The endless slow-drain of
Night into light, light to night

With no spawn to live through
Nor lend my name to. And Why?
Because I've chosen to

Oh youth that I know so well
Laugh and burn with the passion of life!
For your path will merge mine soon enough

Esteban Luis Soto

*Merit Award winner in the 2010 annual Franklin-Christoph poetry contest


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