The Ghosts Of La Posada*

Your energy lingers here,
Stirring softly, as humans move to and fro.
Spirits material and ethereal mingle,
Unaware of each other. We knew them both.

The day bleeds, I think of you
And our passions here, when
Flames gently licked the barked skin
of their cedar lovers.

Yes, the old man sits where he always has,
And her figure haunts gently about the one
Of whom she thinks she loved and lost.
Soon we will linger here too, my love...

Stirring softly together as
Blooded ones move sadly about.
Until then, when wistful skies weep,
I'll muse of you and our life to spend here.

Esteban Luis Soto (c) 2004

*La Posada is a beautiful haunted resort in Santa Fe where previous owner Julia Stabb reputedly killed herself. She still haunts the main building and bar area.


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