Life-Clock, Be Kind...*

Dear heart, pray don't give soon
Carry me into this new spring for
I've many more songs to sing!
To witness the miraculous
Hues of dead to green!
The debowel and spill of skies and
Thunderous quench of rivers to seas!

Life-clock, be kind...Extend
My days and carnal warranty
Carry me light on Spanish air!
Tread me softly on Vienna,
The land of my grandfather!
Let me cleanse in the great
Rivers of history and kings!

Oh grave giver...have mercy
For my ambitions far exceed your
Numbered thumps within this chest
Let me gush with hope into the
Chasms of the down and desperate!
I take these supplements for time...for
New eyes are blind against a quiet heart
            Please beat on

Esteban Luis Soto (c) 2011

*Inspired by the frequent panics I have, in the middle of the night, that my heart will suddenly stop, not allowing me to right my wrongs or achieve my goals.


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