Mi Hermano

Dear brother of the same loving loins
Of the same strong blood of Soto,
If I could tame your demons and
Carry you into the cool, reviving
Waters of strength and self-worth, I would!

I have yet to bathe in them, but
What little I have, I give, for I know
The greatness that was once you and
Those eyes that shined and pulsed with life!

Those fervent bones and muscles that
Carried you strongly from one day to the next!
Mon Frere, take this cupfull of hope and
Break this shell! Cast this crooked shadow!

Let us laugh in seedy bars and
Shout with our father at the joy of the game!
Let us embrace our patient parents
With arms that crack with love!

Mein BrĂ¼der, wake the dormant Lazarus in you,
Drain your sea of despair and scream, "I am free!"
And make haste, with new legs, my way,
For I fear I may need you soon.

Esteban Luis Soto for my beloved brother Ernie Soto (c) 2011


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