Love Is Just Love: The Issue of Gay Marriage.

I write this knowing that I will probably get flack from my family from this, because of their strong beliefs but, I feel it's important. However, I will say that my opinion on this is non-biased. You will not find me preaching on a soap box either for or against it. I'm very secure in my sexuality (which is straight) but the whole issue of banning gay marriage just seems illogical to me. I should also say that when I talk about love in this blog, I do mean absolute love. Not raw lust or random sexual acts.

I see love as just There are no stipulations, prerequisites or standards attached to it. Who are we as a society to restrict love? Whether it be a man for a man, a woman for a woman, a man for his dog or a man for a woman, it's all in the same love. Who are we to take that sacred union from two people who love each other dearly? Those same two people have every right to enter into that sacred union as we "straight" people do. How would we straight people feel if suddenly we were not allowed to marry the love of our lives? What if we were not allowed the white picket fence nor the chance to be by our beloveds death bed when they are ready to pass on? By restricting gay marriage, in the name of religion, we are, in fact, giving ourselves the "God complex" and taking that decision out of his hands. Just as a side note, if God forgives and allows murderers, rapists and pedophiles into heaven, why can't homosexuals get in? It just seems a bit hypocritical to me.

We all have our opinions and every one of them is the same in worth and importance as the other. I understand when people absolutely oppose gay marriage. Heck, I'm guilty of throwing a few "lisps" around myself but, let's keep it as just that, an opinion. Love is not governed by religion or societal values. It's not something that can be picked up and written into law. Love, however, is governed by the human condition, compassion, respect and acceptance. When we, as humans, aspire to restrict basic and poweful human emotions, then we become robots. Living day to day in a preconceived fabric world that we are programmed to live in. I find it sad that the same "love" that is supposed to unite us is the same that segregates us.

Esteban Luis Soto (c) 2011


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